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JustFund helps you make a bigger impact

Dear JustFund Community,

Collaborative funds allow multiple donors to pool their resources and make a bigger impact. Funds like Decolonizing WealthEmergent Fund, Constellations Culture Change Fund, and dozens of other collaboratives run their grant cycles using the JustFund Common ApplicationTM, saving their applicants valuable time, giving their applicants access to additional funding opportunities, and centering equity and trust in their grantmaking process. 

For donors interested in learning more about an issue and maximizing the impact of your dollars, consider moving your dollars to one of the collaborative funds on JustFund. Or, if you’re ready to fund groups directly, search the JustFund Common ApplicationTM database of more than 10,000 organizations to find incredible groups working on the frontlines of critical issues.

If you’re a funder and you are curious about how JustFund will help you transform your giving practice, sign up today for a 1:1 demo with our Founder and CEO – we want to show you how easy it is to join our movement to change the way we give and #resetphilanthropy for good.

If you’re an organization wanting to learn more about how to use the JustFund Common ApplicationTM to apply for new funding opportunities on JustFund, sign up for a grantseeker training.

We’re here to simplify and streamline the grant application process so you can spend your time on mission-advancing work, not filling out multiple grant applicants. The next training is July 20th at 1 pm PT // 4 pm ET.

Join us as we work to #resetphilanthropy, for good.

Iara Peng, Founder & CEO

Iara Duarte Peng

Iara Duarte Peng

Iara Duarte Peng is the Founder and CEO of JustFund.

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