The JustFund Common Application™

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The JustFund Common Application™ is the nation’s first — and only — common grant application platform designed to move money quickly to communities that are chronically underfunded and historically excluded from traditional philanthropy.
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Save Time

Rather than requiring organizations to complete dozens of separate and time-consuming grant proposals, the JustFund Common Application™ allows applicants to use one application to apply to multiple funding opportunities.
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Move Money Faster

Funders can launch and manage grant cycles in a few easy steps, reach new applicants, and move money more efficiently to respond to pressing needs.
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Create More Impact

Applicants can apply to any eligible funding opportunity using their common application profile. Funders are able to track all follow-on funding to know how much applicants successfully raise on JustFund.
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Equity-First Design

Applicants only need to fill out basic information and assign tags for data analysis and search, making the application simple and easy to use.
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Customizable for Funders

Ask up to three specific questions and request up to three attachments for each grant cycle using the JustFund Common Application™. Plus, customize in-platform communication with grantees and applicants (Standard and Premium plans).
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JustFund Search

Common application profiles are available for donors, philanthropic advisors, and program officers in JustFund Search. Applicants are notified when a funder marks a commitment to fund an applicant’s work.

JustFund is a win-win solution for both equity-first funders and the leaders and organizations doing incredible work in their communities.

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