The JustFund Common Application™

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JustFund is the nation’s first—and only—Common Application platform.

Our flagship grantmaking solution: the JustFund Common Application is the nation’s first — and only — common grant application platform designed to move money quickly to communities that are chronically underfunded and historically excluded. The JustFund Common Application has two parts:

  1. A standard application with basic fields and filters
  2. Specific questions requested by each fund

Rather than requiring organizations to complete dozens of separate and time-consuming grant proposals, the JustFund Common Application allows applicants to use one application to apply to multiple funds, saving them valuable time

The application allows applicants to fill out basic information, assign tags for easy data analysis and search, and answer four basic questions making the application simple and easy to use:

  1. Summary
  2. Description
  3. The Team
  4. Financial Need

Funders can ask up to three specific questions and request up to three additional attachments, responses that are private to their team. 

The JustFund Common Application reduces the time and effort it takes nonprofits to write and submit grant applications and also makes it easier for funders to manage their grant processes, including reviewing applications and preparing grantee dockets. JustFund’s technology also allows applicants to apply for multiple funding opportunities, giving them access to a broader funder community. 

JustFund is a win-win solution for both our values-aligned funders and the people doing incredible work in their communities. 

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