JustFund is the nation’s first – and only – common grant application platform connecting funders to organizations that are advancing social and racial justice. By streamlining the entire grant process, JustFund helps funders and applicants focus on the transformative work of advancing their mission and building deep relationships.
Applicants can spend between 25-40 hours each time they apply for a funding opportunity. With JustFund’s equity-first technology, applicants have saved a combined 38 years to put toward mission-critical work.


Already used by nearly 200 collaborative and pooled funds and corporate and national foundations, JustFund is poised to help philanthropy move tens of billions of dollars annually to organizations working at the intersections of the most complicated issues of our time.


When we collectively change the way we give, our communities can thrive.
JustFund makes moving money to historically excluded communities easy. As the nation's only common grant application platform connecting funders to organizations that are advancing social and racial justice, we make sure people closest to the solutions get the resources they need and have more time for mission-critical work.
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We don't measure success by how many dollars are sitting in the bank. Our system simplifies the giving process by removing traditional bottlenecks in philanthropy and prioritizing getting money to the movement.
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We believe money moves at the speed of trust and work to ensure funders can move critical resources equitably, transparently, and securely.
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JustFund is unlocking much-needed capital from funders so historically excluded communities finally have access to resources and can thrive.
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JustFund is built to remove barriers and foster connections between values-aligned funders and frontline communities so more money can move to the movement.
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We are more than just a portal for grant transactions. We believe everyone can have a greater impact when they work together with values-aligned peers and organizations.
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New technologies can help drive more resources to communities that need it, while simplifying traditionally overly complicated processes.

Join our movement to reset philanthropy. Let's JustFund, together.

Power your giving.
Do the critical work, not paperwork.