The Values That Drive Our Work


We care about transformative impact.

At JustFund, we don't measure success by how many dollars are sitting in the bank. Our simplified grants management process and common proposal removes traditional bottlenecks in philanthropy and prioritizes what matters most: getting the money to the movement.


We are built on trust. At JustFund, we know money moves at the speed of trust™.

Our values-aligned community and grantmaking solution frees up your time to be in meaningful relationship with others and build more trust into your practice. For years, our founders have advocated for trust-based philanthropy and we built JustFund to support that vision.


We center equity in our work.

For too long, philanthropy has been engineered to maintain inequitable systems. JustFund was designed to reset philanthropy—and upend the power dynamics entrenched in the process—by creating more trust-based and equitable processes for grantmakers and grantseekers.


We value community and collaboration.

JustFund is not simply a portal for grant transactions, we are a team that believes funders can have a greater impact when connected with values-aligned peers and organizations. JustFund is built to remove barriers and foster connections and collaboration so you can move more money to movements.

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