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Measuring Impact Through an Equity Lens

Dear JustFund Community,

The JustFund Common ApplicationTM consists of two parts: 1) a common profile that applicants fill out once; and 2) any specific questions and attachments requested by each funder (up to 3 each).

JustFund is undergoing a beautiful redesign to make the application even easier to navigate for applicants and to provide useful information to funders, in particular individual donors joining JustFund to “Find and Fund” new grantees. 

The redesign will also include the addition of an impact question. Here are some ideas that have already been suggested from our JustFund community:

  • Describe an impact from this past year that you’re most proud of.
  • Share an impact story that you think best describes your work.
  • What’s a recent success that exemplifies how you are creating a more just world?
  • What stories/evidence/examples do you have that your organization is meeting its mission or creating value for the people you serve?

What impact question do YOU want to see on the JustFund Common ApplicationTM

Be on the lookout, these updates are expected to take place Summer 2023, and we can’t wait to hear what you think! 


Iara Peng, Founder & CEO

Iara Duarte Peng

Iara Duarte Peng

Iara Duarte Peng is the Founder and CEO of JustFund.

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