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Meet the People Behind the Platform | Joseph Mercurio

Welcome to JustFund’s People Behind the Platform series, where we introduce our incredible team! Today, we are thrilled to introduce Joseph Mercurio, Senior Product Manager.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and spent most of my professional career working in Manhattan. I currently live in the Hudson Valley where I enjoy going on nature walks and taking in the mountain and lake scenery. I’m close enough to Manhattan to still enjoy all of the art and culture the city has to offer. 

After completing pre-med studies in college I decided that a medical career just wasn’t right for me. Personal Computers were just becoming a thing around that time and I was intrigued. I took some technology classes and landed a job as a Computer Technician for Nynex in Times Square. 

My career evolved quite a bit over the years. I was a Computer Analyst for Solomon Brothers, a Global IT Director at Lowe & Partners Advertising, and a Product Director at Omnicom Health Group, just to name a few. I also explored other careers along the way, including copywriting, screenwriting, and filmmaking. I’ve always loved Art and the process of creating, whether it be a product, painting, writing, or woodworking. I love creating! 

I eventually found my career niche, by accident actually. I was tasked with researching and implementing a digital workflow system, however nothing off the shelf seemed to be a good fit. So I interviewed our internal teams and potential users, shadowed each department to learn their processes, and met with all clients and stakeholders to gain their feedback. I loved that process! I have always been a people person and enjoy listening, discussing all options and supporting clients and internal staff. 

During that process I became a Product Manager. All of my technology experience and creative skills came together and my first product – a custom digital workflow system supporting a global company. It was a huge success! I’ll never forget the feeling of having my vision come to life. Seeing the product being used enthusiastically by thousands of people was a bit surreal and a most rewarding experience to say the least!

Fast forward to today. I’m now the Senior Product Manager at JustFund. When this opportunity presented itself I knew it was a perfect fit for me! I’m at the point in my career where what matters most to me is applying my experience and skills to create the most impactful products, while contributing to the betterment of society.  Every product decision I make and every new product feature I deploy will ultimately help the causes and communities that need it most!

Iara Duarte Peng

Iara Duarte Peng

Iara Duarte Peng is the Founder and CEO of JustFund.

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