JustFund.us Platform & Website Accessibility

The JustFund Funding Platform and Public Website are developed in the spirit of inclusion and availability for everyone. It is with great respect that we have focused our software development, hosting, and product development processes on the creation of a positive place and experience for all of our customers and visitors. This includes the creation of content that is user friendly for people with various disabilities, including: Blindness, Low Vision, Learning Disabilities, Cognitive Disabilities, Deafness, Hearing Loss, Speech disabilities or Physical Disabilities (all of which may be permanent or temporary).

At JustFund we are committed to the main principles of web accessibility. These are geared towards making sure our technology doesn’t prevent anyone from consuming, navigating, or obtaining information we are providing. The four guiding principles our software development process reviews are:

  • Perceivability
  • Operability 
  • Understanding 
  • Robustness 

In order to accomplish this, the JustFund team utilizes the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 (A Level) of accessibility and is developed in accordance with the tenants set forth in the United States Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”). 

In March of 2022 the ADA guidances on Web Accessibility was overhauled based on the emergence of new web and mobile technologies. As such the follow changes were included in our product design, software development and quality assurance processes: 

  • JustFund eliminates and avoids poor color contrast. We respect that people with limited vision or color blindness cannot read text if there is not enough contrast between the text and background (for example, light gray text on a light-colored background). 
  • JustFund does not use color alone to give information. We respect that people who are color-blind may not have access to information when that information is conveyed using only color cues because they cannot distinguish certain colors from others. 

Also, screen readers do not tell the user the color of text on a screen, so a person who is blind would not be able to know that color is meant to convey certain information (for example, using red text alone to show which fields are required on a form). 

  • JustFund uses text alternatives (“alt text”) on images. We respect that people who are blind will not be able to understand the content and purpose of images, such as pictures, illustrations, and charts, when no text alternative is provided. Text alternatives convey the purpose of an image, including pictures, illustrations, charts, etc. It is the policy of Justund to use alt text on all images. 
  • JustFund requires captions on videos. We respect that people with hearing disabilities may not be able to understand information communicated in a video if the video does not have captions. 
  • JustFund does not permit the use of Inaccessible online forms. We respect that people with disabilities may not be able to fill out, understand, and accurately submit forms without things like: 
    • Labels that screen readers can convey to their users (such as text that reads “credit card number” where that number should be entered); 
    • Clear instructions; and 
    • Error indicators (such as alerts telling the user a form field is missing or incorrect).
  • The JustFund platform does not require Mouse-only navigation. We respect that people with disabilities who cannot use a mouse or trackpad will not be able to access web content if they cannot navigate a website using a keyboard. 

Because our technologies and the standards that govern them exist in a constant state of innovation, JustFund utilizes both software and human evaluation in our software development lifecycle process in order to continuously design and improve our accessibility for all of our customers and visitors. If you have any questions or would like to report any areas where JustFund’s technology can improve your experience, or if you are having difficulty interacting with our technology in one of the ways discussed in this notice, please contact us at [email protected].