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Decolonizing Wealth Project is an Indigenous and Black-led racial justice organization that envisions a world where racial equity has become a societal norm – where new systems ensure everyone can live their best lives, thrive in their cultures, and heal from generations of colonial trauma. Our work aims to disrupt the existing systems of moving and controlling capital by offering truth, reconciliation, and healing from the ails of colonization through education, radical reparative giving, and narrative change.


Indigenous peoples have lived in the right relationship with Mother Earth, as custodians and guardians of the land for generations. Last year, through our fund, Liberated Capital, we announced the redistribution of $1 million to our inaugural cohort of 16 Indigenous Earth Fund grantee partners driving change on climate and conservation issues. Building on this fund, we are excited to announce an additional $1 million funding opportunity for both current Indigenous Earth Fund grantee partners and new organizations, supporting systemic and policy change efforts on both climate change and conservation in the United States.

The climate crisis will remain just that if Indigenous communities are not centered, invested in, and leading solutions for both conservation and climate change. Indigenous leadership to support, protect and conserve land can reverse and mitigate climate destruction.

Despite contributing the least to this crisis, and having ancient and traditional solutions, Indigenous-led organizations receive a small percentage of philanthropic climate funding. In addition, Indigenous Nations and communities are largely excluded from regional and national discussions on both climate change and conservation. At the Decolonizing Wealth Project, we seek to disrupt the flow of capital to save our planet, recognizing that with Indigenous communities at the center, the Earth can heal.

What is it?

Following on from last year, The Indigenous Earth Fund will invest an additional $1 million investment from our fund, Liberated Capital. We are inviting proposals from Indigenous-led organizations and tribes doing the work, building political power, building movements and leading campaigns on climate change and conservation issues in the United States. We are inviting both existing Indigenous Earth Fund grantee partners and new organizations and tribes to apply.

The work may include movement building efforts and organizing campaigns that center Indigenous self-determination that promote sustainable food systems; land and forest management; protection and conservation of water sources and natural resources, and Indigenous-led data and research to advance advocacy efforts on climate and conservation solutions, for example. We also value and understand the importance of our sovereign tribal governments in this work and encourage projects led by, or partnered with, tribal nations. This list is not exhaustive.
We are inviting tribes and Indigenous-led organizations working on environmental issues in the United States to apply. Grant awards will likely range from $50,000 - $75,000 for one year. We operate through a trust-based model, so grants will be untethered resources that enable Indigenous-led organizations to simply get the work done how and where they see fit. The solutions and ideas will vary and that’s ok! We want to celebrate and invest in the diverse wisdom Indigenous communities have been cultivating for thousands of years.

Following on from learnings from year one, we will also be developing a Learning Community to support the ecosystem and encourage networking in support of movement building across Indigenous communities. We will help convene Indigenous-led organizations, including inter-tribal organizations and networks, to elevate and discuss strategies and best practices that address the current climate crisis.


  • This Fund is only open to Indigenous-led organizations/coalitions. To that end, we welcome proposals from Tribes, First Nations, and Inuit-led organizations in the United States.
  • Grant dollars must be paid to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or tribal entity; we accept applications from fiscal sponsors.  State recognized tribes must apply through a 501(c)(3).
  • Individuals are not eligible. 
  • Applicants must be based in the United States. 
  • Coalitions and organizations working on advocacy campaigns to center Indigenous solutions in climate and conservation discussions.
  • Funding must be used for a charitable purpose (no direct lobbying).
  • We will also prioritize current grantee partners engaged in climate and conservation campaigns, policy  and work. 

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Proposals are due by November 8th 2022 at 5 pm PST. If you have any trouble submitting, please contact the JustFund team at [email protected]. 

Existing Grantee Partners:

Before you apply 

The Indigenous Earth Fund is accepting applications on JustFund:

  • Visit to log in to the account you registered with last year. If you are having trouble accessing your account, reset your password or contact [email protected].
  • Follow the steps below to submit your proposal:
    • Click the 'Apply' button at the bottom of the funding opportunity, and select one of the options listed below:
    • Apply an Active Proposal: To apply an active JustFund proposal to this opportunity, select Option 2 in the pop-up screen. Select the proposal you previously submitted to The Indigenous Earth Fund, add the required attachments listed below, and submit.
    • Copy Existing Proposal Content: If you would like to update the content previously submitted to The Indigenous Earth Fund, select Option 3 in the pop-up screen to copy existing proposal content as a basis of a new draft, edit as needed, add the required attachments listed below, and submit.
    • For questions about how to submit your proposal, please refer to JustFund’s Help Center or contact [email protected].

JustFund utilizes a Common Proposal with four narrative questions 

  • Proposal Summary (Max 140 characters): Think of this like a tweet. Please tell us about the mission of this proposal in a couple of sentences.
  • Proposal Description (Recommended 2500 - 3500 characters): Tell us about your proposal.
  • Team Description (Recommended 1250 - 2500 characters): Tell us about who comprises the team.
  • Financial Need (Recommended 1250 - 2500 characters): Please describe what you will use the funding for.

We also will ask for the following additional information(supplemental questions:

  • As part of your commitment to DWP, please complete the Impact Assessment Survey before applying. This survey will help the Advisory Committee understand your work and organization over the last year. Once you have completed this, type COMPLETED in the field below.

We also will ask for the following attachments from current grantee partners:

  • A project plan (attach document) detailing your goals for the campaign in year two. It should include how your organization is building Indigenous power to address climate change or conservation efforts? And the specific short and long-term goals of your work, and how you will enact this.
  • A budget: what is the budget for the campaign? What is your organization's budget size? What funding is secured or pending?

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