Amalgamated Charitable Foundation - Letter of Inquiry from Partners


Since its founding in 1923, Amalgamated Bank has grown and evolved to become America’s socially responsible bank that enables individuals, nonprofits, foundations, and socially responsible businesses to align their finances with their values. Amalgamated Foundation is an outgrowth of that legacy and is the entity charged with guiding the Bank’s corporate giving. This fund is an open call for proposals from Amalgamated Bank clients and stakeholders.

Who can apply?

This funding opportunity is for members of the Amalgamated Community including: current clients of Amalgamated Bank, partners working in the local community or at the national level.

Your application will serve as a letter of intent and will go into our general pool. We do not have the capacity to fund every proposal, we review submissions regularly and will reach back out to you directly if there is an opportunity to fund your work.

While we cannot fund every proposal, by applying through JustFund, your application will also now be visible and searchable for hundreds of our philanthropic colleagues in various donor networks and foundations who are interested in supporting social justice efforts around diverse issues. It is our hope that some of these funders will also consider your proposal, saving you time and increasing the reach of your work to new funders and networks!

Proposal Deadline and Decision Dates

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Proposal Requirements

To apply, register for a JustFund account.

JustFund utilizes a Common Proposal with four narrative questions:

  • Proposal Summary (140 characters): Think of this like a tweet. Please tell us about the mission of this proposal in a couple of sentences.
  • Proposal Description (2500 characters): Tell us about your proposal
  • Team Description (1250 characters): Tell us about the team
  • Financial Need (1250 characters): Please describe what you will use the funding for

Required Attachments:

  • 501c3 Determination Letter
  • Board List
  • 2020 Budget (if you are fiscally sponsored, please include your project budget, not the budget of your fiscal sponsor)

Contact Information

Name: Le Anne Alexander
Email: [email protected]